Hotmail Email Settings

Hotmail is a web-based email service using this free web-based email service you can communicate with your family friends and colleagues for both personal and professional purpose. It provides flexibility to their Hotmail email users to customize and manage their Hotmail email settings according to their needs. If you are Hotmail user then you must need to know how to configure Hotmail email account. In this email service, you can manage or customize your Hotmail account settings, email settings, and inbox settings. The technology of Hotmail email is improving regularly but in some situation, you may face an issue when you are using Hotmail email for composing or sending and receiving emails.

Features of the Hotmail Email settings

  • In this user can customize account settings according to their needs
  • Helps the user in customizing their account for protecting from hackers
  • The security codes are provided in the settings to make the account more safe and secure for enhancing the user security
  • In this email service, users can manage keyword settings to enable shortcuts in their account
  • The help for sorting new messages is also provided to the users

Problems faced by the users while changing in Hotmail settings

  • Sometimes users are uncomfortable with new or changed Hotmail account setting and have difficulty using
  • Hotmail sign problem sometimes due to changes made in the Hotmail passwords
  • In some situation, users have an issue in managing privacy settings
  • The user is not able to load or download the files and data from the received or sent emails because of the change in the settings
  • Language change in one of the problems faced by many of the users which are the result of the different type of activities or changes they do in the settings
  • A problem in configuring Hotmail email settings in Android
  • Hotmail email exchange server settings issue

Features of our Hotmail customer support team

  • Help users in solving a various type of problem through our trained and experienced professionals
  • Our support team have the ability to solve any type of Hotmail email issue
  • Technicians are 24*7 available for your help, so you can dial our Hotmail email support number anytime
  • listen to all your problem carefully and provides a best possible solution

If you have an issue in managing or customizing Hotmail account settings and searching for a help to get a solution to your problem, then you can dial our Hotmail customer service number  1-844-305-6556. Here you can get a solution of your every  Hotmail email setting related issue with well trained and experienced professionals. Our Hotmail professionals are here 24*7 available to provide support related to Hotmail email account settings.