How to create Hotmail account?

Hotmail is one of the best email service providers which provides some facility to the user like email, voice, video, and others. A user can send this data to the different email accounts in a small amount of time. It is a type of email service which is very easy to use and create for the new account also. If you want to create a new account now then you can follow these very easy steps. By following these steps Hotmail email account is easily created and you can use or work on your email account now. So follow these process step by step.

Steps to create a Hotmail email account:

Step 1:

First, you need to open the search engine and type Hotmail email account on the search box. Then click on search and you can find in the first number of the search engine.

Step 2:

Click on this link and you can see Hotmail website is open on your display screen. In this, you can find two option “create free account” and “sign in”. To create a new account so you will click on the create a free account.

Step 3:

You can see a new box on your screen and you can put a new email in the blank box. If you give a unique email then Hotmail accept it and you can click on the next button.

Step 4:

After click on the next button, you can create a new password for your account.

Step 5:

In the next step, you have to type your first name in the first box and last name on the second box. Then click next and next screen is open on the screen.

Step 6:

You have to add your details to this box. In the first option select your country name and select your date of birth on the second box. After this, you can click next for the next process.

Step 7:

In this steps, a captcha screen is open in your front. Then type captcha and click next button. After click on next, country code and phone number options on the next screen.

Step 8:

Select your country code and type your phone number for verification of your Hotmail email. Click on the send code button for sending a code on your mobile device. For account creation process the verification is mandatory.

Step 9:

After click on the send code display shows you enter access code option and if you get a code then type your code on the blank option.

Step 10:

After this click on the next button and you redirect on your New Hotmail email account. Now your new Hotmail account is created and you can type your basic information on the Profile section.

In the last, your email account is ready for work and now you can send or receive emails to any other email service provider. These steps are very easy to follow for all the users. This account provides a Facebook chat option to the user. A user can link with their Facebook account and enjoys to chat with friends and also use Hotmail live email service. Microsoft office work is almost used in this mail service. So we can say that Hotmail is the best email service, provider.

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